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meteo_sniper's Journal

Lockon Stratos [Neil Dylandy]
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Lockon Stratos
Real name: Neil Dylandy
Age: 25
Date of birth: March 3rd, 2283
Birthplace: Ireland
Blood Type: O
Height: 185cm
Weight: 67kg
Hair color: Light brown
Eye color: Green
Hobby: Reading
Favourite Food: Cooking with potatoes in it

Pilots: GN-002 Gundam Dynames
Allegiance: Celestial Beings



The first thing you notice about Lockon is his smile, friendly attitude, and the way he acts just like an older brother to the younger pilots. He's the person to cheer you up, care about and simply be there if you need him; a capable leader knowing when to intervene. Surprisingly, he also knows when to step back and wait. He's also very protective of his friends, and worries about them often (when they're out of his sight). Despite his easygoing and cheerful exterior, he's very stressed inside and still hides his grief after family loss years ago. as well as some...darker feelings, like resent so deep it makes some of his actions look like vengenance. He has also a slight obssession of not taking off his gloves, which he wears in order to protect his hands.
He seems also to have, ah, slight anger-controlling problem when it comes to the object of his hate - terrorists. It's the only thing able to make him snap and show no mercy - the urge to shoot a comrade, after discovering he was a part of terrorist organisation in the past, was so strong to actually point the gun at him ...and not only that... under additional circumstances he'll do everything possible, including throwing away his own life, to get the target.


Most of Lockon past remains a mystery, probably due to the silent "no talking about past and real identities" rule in the CB organisation, or because he prefers to keep it private. Both combined, most likely. However, in certain situtation, he did share a little bits of information about the life he led before becoming a Gundam Meister.

He has an identical twin brother, but they don't keep any contact; avoiding the other when visiting family grave might suggest they're staying out of each other lives on purpose.
Born and raised in Ireland, he lost most of his family - parents and younger sister - as a child in anti-government terrorists attack.

He was buried in the rubble along with the rest of his family. It was a miracle that they got him out. Witnessing their deaths as well as surviving the attack had a great impact on his life. He loathes terrorism and his hate towards it was main motivational factor in joining Celestial Being. It is suggested that he has some ties with the black market and proves to be an excellent sharpshooter with both conventional sniper rifles and - later, in CB - as a pilot of Dynames which design focuses on long range weapons.

It's not known how he joined Celestial Being and was accepted as a mobile suit pilot (Gundam Meister) however his motivation is clear - CB is a private paramilitary force which objective is getting rid of the wars by intervening on various armed conflicts; warfare acts known as "terrorism" included.
Lockon is aware that him being a Gundam Meister - a pilot of a lethal mobile suit in an organisation which actions often equivalent of terrorism - is almost like contradicting himself and his views. But, he also believes that world needs to change at it's foundations and that's why he chooses to fight. To eradicte war and make sure a tragedy like his own will never occur again.

He's not only willing to sacrifice his life to try to change the world, but he is also willing to face the consequences and accept the punishment once the change has taken place.

In the Meisters team he plays the leader role and is the only one accompanied by Haro - little robot that performs maintenance and system calibrations in Dynames while in sniper mode, and an adorable [yet sometimes annoying] mascot outside the battlefield.

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